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At Seth Dunlap in Orlando, FL, we immortalize the memories of your finest days in our videography. We are your premier expert in event and wedding videography, and your finest professional wedding photographer. The imagery, motion and emotions we capture will endure for lifetimes, providing you and your family fond remembrance when you need it most. Seth Dunlap has photographed and filmed over seventy weddings, and while they are our specialty, we also serve as photographer for numerous other types of events.

Our company provides the services of event photography and music video production. These services specialize in capturing the emotions of the people and events being chronicled. As our client, we prioritize connecting with and understanding you, as it is imperative to truly representing you in our images. If a normal picture says a thousand words, ours speak millions.

After seventy weddings, Seth Dunlap has witnessed a remarkable level of beauty and powerful emotions, and we are always eager to experience, photograph and film more. To acquire the services of a professional, competent and reliable wedding and event photographer, please go ahead and contact us at Seth Dunlap today.


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Event and Wedding Videography


Seth Dunlap provides the services of event and wedding videography in a professional, affordable and friendly manner. For weddings, we will ensure that every precious aspect of your big day

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Event and Wedding Photography


At Seth Dunlap we give our best effort to understand our clients and their needs, a commitment which can be seen best in our wedding and event photography. We strive

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Music Video Production


Seth Dunlap understands that sometimes, a soundtrack that really speaks to you is all that's needed to make a home movie truly memorable. Our film maker production services can synchronize

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